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Educator experience

6 multi-acre design projects - Permaculture co-ordinator for one of these projects

22 small/urban scale projects

Taught 12 PDCs as part of a team of Educators

Facilitated and organised 2 PDCs

Educator skills

Visible and invisible structures of community

Residential infrastructure creation

Specialise in Wood, Earth and recycled materials construction

Minor in Worm farming, micro-green production and rocket stoves (with and without thermal mass capture)

Educator qualifications

Art, Craft and Design 2008/2009 - CSN

Furniture Design and Construction 2009/2010 - CSN

PDC 2015 - Midwest Permaculture/Cal-Earth

Master of Earth Architecture 2016 - California Institute for Earth Architecture (Cal-Earth)

Permaculture teacher training 2016/17 - Midwest Permaculture