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- Harbouring life are our most precious Treasures: food, water and energy. This is a given.
- The stage is set for us to grow this food, harvest this water and harness this energy.
- Food is energy as much as energy is human endeavour. The benefits of living the land are unparalleled.


None of the above is part of our upbringing (implying family structures) and education (implying social structures).


Subtitle: Where Else Would Children’s Memories Reside?
Length: 65,000 words (complete manuscript)
Genre: Allegory. Critical/Seminal/Literary Work
Uses: Course Material; Dramatisation

The manuscript is offered as course material. It can be fully illustrated, animated, dramatised, and serialised.


Mum Dad Depicted therein are the daily interactions developing within a Most Idyllic House­hold. Three Easy Steps take you on a guided tour sightseeing this development. Obstacles however bar the way. Mum and dad of our story soon realise that their best efforts are being thwarted by an upbeat but brutish King State. The King State causes Life to suffer infinite torment and anguish. Enduring the ordeal are the mums, dads and kids of modern times.
Adam Eve A tree of knowledge is premised on a knowledge of trees. Trees harbour Life. They produce crops and induce knowledge in one single process. In the Bible, however, many references to the fruits of the land were markedly depicted as challenging or as having strings attached to them. Prohibitions were common. It was knowledge itself that was denied and (our grown-up?) Adam and Eve bear witness to that. Put yourself in their shoes. After a promising start, Adam lost his plum job in the garden and that seemed to have put an end to that experiment.
And that was not the only experiment that went awry. God never had a good word for learning showing he was not quite au fait with Creation. Genesis itself was an amalgam of broken promises. Overall, with the Bible we have a blueprint for all our woes.

Drawn by the two stories is a parallel between a Most Idyllic Household (Mum Dad) and a Garden in Eden (Adam Eve). These are two tragic stories that speak of a lesser humanity.

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In a finite world eternity is all to play for.

Highest Form of Education
The highest form of education is a food education.

Local Economies for the Local Locals
A country without local economies is a failed country.

My Reading of Life
The cause for co-existence can be served by grounding ourselves to the realities of everyday. My ideal community is one in which people gather, make decisions and share time and experiences.

Exploring Education
Humanity, no less, faces ‘profound questions’ (Wellcome Trust) and we do not have the corresponding profound answers. I often wonder whether we can ever break free from this question/answer, also known as problem/solution, treadmill and come up with an edifying story that would please humanity.

Education / Facets of Food
The main thrust of my work is to give food a new identity. This work is framed within an overarching approach to what constitutes learning, education and knowledge. What is required to aver knowledge is shown below.

You aver knowledge by taking humanity with you
Food is the source of all knowledge
Energy is the source of all knowledge
Water is the source of all knowledge
At many multiple levels this is about the food we eat, which must be good, the air we breathe, which must be clean, and the water we drink, which must be fresh. If these conditions are not met then expect learning, education and knowledge to suffer. Ditto for other areas of concern.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
The weakest link is the family/social group.
Two, three or four family members living at first under one roof, later leading separate lives in as many separate postcodes.
Staring at us is the reality of no family groups, no social groups, no communities, and no society.
No change or structural change is ever possible without these groups.
There is a lot to redo and rebuild. What would provide a headstart is a family group. The family group, qua family and social group, is the friendly face of a society at ease with itself. All issues I raise in Mum Dad Adam Eve are framed with this perspective in mind.

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Home&Garden Share (H&G)
Home and garden to share. I can accommodate up to two people at any given time, people who would then move on to greater things and gain further permaculture experience. Room rent is £250 pcm. H&G is only a stepping stone.

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