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Permaculture Island is a family run homestead situated on a two acre property that fronts Niton Undercliff, over looking Reeth Bay at the southern tip of the Isle of wight.
As part of our educational programme, we provide "Tiny House" accommodation accompanied within an established food forest, for guests to gain practical experience in an idyllic setting. A Tiny House sleeps two adults and offers a simple and efficient living space with an un-obscured view of the English Channel.
Price per person, per night £25 (min 2 nights) which includes: Off grid living, Informal Education, food from the garden, WIFI, bikes, abundant wildlife, sea views, coastal walks, local beach.
We welcome dedicated participants that want to learn by working to experience natural gardening.
We practice subsistence gardening as an alternative to the money consumer lifestyle, thick mulches cover our uncultivated soils, this mulch is provided by a public compost recycling service of 10m3 per day. This is a local free service that we offer for residents to drop off their garden green waste. We sell surplus fresh fruit and preserves. We grow mostly perennial crops like trees, shrubs, climbers, and other perennial plants are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural forest which is the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in this climate.

We currently provide public guided tours of how we live and garden and offer practical further education of permaculture and low cost living. Leading you through the garden discussing plants, mulching, site design, soil building, sustainable living, alternative energy, and their integrated systems.
we also offer a "Introduction into permaculture" weekend course. please visit our website for more information.
We don't just teach it WE LIVE IT. !!

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