Looby Macnamara - Diploma Tutor Profile

Experience, skills and interests
Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 
  • People Permaculture - personal and social
  • Cultural Emergence
  • Deep Nature Connection
  • 8 Shields
  • Zone 1 gardens
  • Group work
  • Facilitation skills
  • Designing courses
  • Transition towns
  • Community development
  • Writing
Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 
  • People based designs
  • Life / zone 00 designs
  • Cultural Emergence
  • People structures
  • Course design
  • Zone 1 garden
  • Design for Lammas ecovillage


How I work

I enjoy working with people who have already done a course with me, so that we are familiar with each other and have a shared experience to draw upon. I find that this gives the most benefit for apprentices, as they become familiar with my work, and with me as a facilitator, mentor and designer, and I am more easily able to guide them through the diploma process.

My speciality and pioneering edge is in people based designs - this is very wide and can be from personal, to family, to community to regional.  My apprentices generally have 6-8 people based designs in their portfolio. I encourage my apprentices to frequently use the Design Web in their portfolio, as this is where I am able to give the most relevant input.

It is essential for potential apprentices to read 'People and Permaculture' to gain a picture of my interests and scope of design work, and to familiarise themselves with the Design Web.

I like to challenge my diploma apprentices and enjoy working with people who like to stretch their edges and are self-motivated.

I am interested in taking on apprentices who have a target of completing their diploma in two and half years to three years.



Tutorial information
Taking new apprentices?: 
Within a short distance of Hereford possibly
Default venue for tutorials: 
Home or zoom
Type of tutorial offered: 
both group and individual
Offering tutoring in the following geographical areas: 
South Wales, Herefordshire, West Midlands
Diploma Tutor Location: 
Orleton, Herefordshire
United Kingdom
52° 17' 49.038" N, 2° 44' 55.4352" W
Herefordshire GB