posthumus - Main Profile

Hi I'm Dennis. I'm a writer, educator, gardener, maker, and producer. With my lovely partner Alexandra and our two cheeky children Elani and Zoë, we live a quasi-pastoral life between The Netherlands, Berlin, and the Algarve.

I did my PDC in 2010 with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton, and continued to study, work, and facilitate in subjects related to permaculture. Much of my experience is in temperate climates, and I've worked extensively in Mediterranean climates as well. My experience and interests lie mostly in agroforestry, gardening, education and facilitation, project management, ecological entrepreneurship, and as of late finance and economics.

I trained with Rosemary Morrow in 2013 as a permaculture facilitator with a focus on participatory education, and have since taught introductory courses in permaculture design, and taught PDC's with Lesley Martin as an assistant teacher in the Algarve. I trained with Doug Crouch in Mediterranean forest garden design, Jesus Gamez in Keyline design, and spent almost two years working at ecoproject Vale da Sarvinda in natural construction, gardening, agroforesty, and education. I've guest-lectured at the university of sustainability in Eberwalde in Germany on permaculture design, and wrote for the book Edible Cities on permaculture and the Occupy movement.

I'm currently consulting a community project right outside Berlin, and implementing a kitchen garden there. My aspiration is to complete my permaculture design diploma, and incorporate more ecological entrepreneurship and financial literacy into the permaculture design curriculum.