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I’m Pippa Buchanan, an Australian resiliency and sustainability practitioner currently living on Noongar Boodjar in the South West of Australia. I also spend part of my life in Austria and continually debate what it means to be connected to two places on other sides of the planet. As of September 2018 I am working on my Applied Diploma in Permaculture Design.

My partner, toddler and I are stewards of 2400m2 ex-dairy paddock, ex-jarrah forest in a rural subdivision in Mediterranean climate Western Australia. We used permaculture to find the block, to work with our architect to design the house and are currently fumbling along establishing a garden, keeping chickens inside their electric fence and maintaining positive relationships with neighbours who are not 100% likeminded. On the days when I feel like we are not doing permaculture perfectly I remind myself that we poo in a bucket and make compost with that bodily waste and that is pretty awesome.

Professionally I am interested in how communities can develop safe and abundant futures using permaculture thinking, community-driven action and open technologies and processes. I’m a facilitator and permaculture educator, parent, researcher, fermenter, improvising vocalist, gardener, cook, sailor, lifelong learner and creator of various things.

In 2015 I made my first PDC at Laya Point Permaculture with John Champagne, Jenni Lauruol, Tierney Woods and Alan Charlton. Subsequently I studied Permaculture Teaching Matters with Rosemary Morrow, Alfred Decker and Anna Bartoli in September 2016. In 2017 I made a second PDC at Fair Harvest, Western Australia with Byron Joel, Claire Coleman and Jodie Lane. I've also completed the Children in Permaculture introduction course and was fortunate enough to have studied an Advanced Permaculture Design course under Dan Palmer and David Holmgren.

In 2017 I completed my MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation with the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales and wrote my dissertation on how permaculture teaching and practice deal with natural hazards. I recently discovered that I have been living with ADHD for the last 42 years, which means I have been reflecting on how that Masters experience was both good and super difficult!

I teach on PDCs and intro courses in Western Australia, online with Heather Jo FLores on the Permaculture Women PDC and have an ongoing relationship teaching for and making learning materials for GAIA Kosovo.

My professional background is in tertiary and informal education, web and games development and educational software.

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