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I'm a designer based in York with experience of a diverse range of skills across the construction & community led sector.. I worked in Architectural Practice as a Chartered Architectural Technologist for over 10 years with Native Architects before founding designdwell in 2020 - a design studio employing permaculture and one planet living principles. I have skills in low carbon architecture - encouraging and implementing the application of energy efficient and ecologically effective solutions - and I've worked with several community groups and clients.

As cofounding member and Director of YorSpace I have first hand experience of setting up a community housing group. Run by active volunteer members, YorSpace is a Community Land Trust and housing developer building sustainable communities in York through supporting and enabling York residents to create housing projects that have environmental, social and economic sustainability at their core. I'm leading on the development of the first Housing Co-op at Lowfield Green, which achieved planning permission in 2019. I am also on the residents list for Lowfield Green.

I now work with a range of community led housing groups across the region in partnership with Leeds Community Homes as an Accredited Community Led Housing Enabler.

I have a keen interest in:
• Community led Housing & cooperative structures to make housing affordable in perpetuity
• Permaculture - holistic design solutions that consider environmental, social & economic factors
• The Circular Economy
• Training and educating
• Cradle to Cradle design principles – eliminating waste in construction
• Sustainable, low energy building design
• Renewable, low embodied carbon, bio-based construction materials - director of SBUK 2016-18**

**I'm a founding member and former director of SBUK - The UK Association for Straw Bale building. Working with a range of consultants, practitioners & researchers to raise awareness & best practice in order to better establish natural building techniques across the UK.

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