Graham Wood - Main Profile

I'm a Permaculture Designer and Transition Projects Manager working in the domain of social resilience, building sustainability, and facilitating localised grass roots change.
I've 2 acres in Cheshire where I experiment with the practical application of permaculture. For me Permaculture can use the best from many disciplines to achieve our aims - I've successfully used the high tech through to "old country law" with good effect. Just because I don't understand why and how it works does not stop me from using it.

I'm interested in helping people into "right livelihoods" and establishing local green businesses, also in integrating Aquaponics with permaculture and engaging young people in where food comes from and how they can grow their own in urban areas, so via Liverpool based URBANAG I teach on aquaponics courses. URBANAG are promoting Aquaponics as a viable solution to be used in urban agriculture and the drive to localise food production.

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