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A Communicator

Strategic Communications Coordinator for the Permaculture Association since June 2014.

Led on communications for International Permaculture Convergence IPCUK. I have enhanced email communications, steadily plug away at social media, co-edit Permaculture Works, always have time to support colleagues. The best part of my job is talking with members.

Completed a brand review for the organisation.
Coordinated the Permaculture Ambassadors project, to help spread permaculture - you too can communicate excellently.
Helped publicise 5 successful, profitable convergences.

A bio as if someone else wrote it:
"Ryan has worked professionally in communications for 10 years; as Campaigns and Communications Coordinator at a Students' Union, as a freelance digital communications consultant, and at the Permaculture Association since June 2014.

He has a first class degree in Film & TV Production Ba (Hons). He also holds a PDC. In 2020, he started Earthed Up! Edible and useful plants nursery co-operative."

If you're keen for informal communications planning advice or a good eye to proofread & critique websites, articles etc. I should be able to help you, get in touch.

A gardener and educator

Ryan is an increasingly experienced presenter and workshop leader. His experience in delivering workshops is mostly in communications skills, which is his bread and butter, but has started teaching permaculture too. Ryan holds a train the trainer qualification.

Yes he’s read a fair few books and blogs but has also visited and worked on different gardens, with lots of different people over the past 10 years.

Ryan gardens several days a month on a large allotment plot. He no longer uses peat products, has never used slug pellets or insecticides, and still gets delicious, nutritious food from the garden!

Ryan holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and loves sharing positive, practical solutions.

In 2020, he started Earthed Up! Edible and useful plants. A nursery co-operative.

I have the following:

- fantastic employment allowing me freedom to work flexibly from home, part time
- 25x8m allotment with: edible hedge, 4 annual rotation beds, tree/shrub nursery; fruit bushes & canes; Midlands variety apple trees & own grafted apples, pears & soon medlars; a forest garden;
- 2 Light Sussex hens with deep litter bedding, occasionally spoiled with homegrown sunflower seed
- hot compost bins
- kitchen vermicomposting bin
- perennial potted veg, salad & soft fruit
- logs inoculated with oyster mushrooms, a wood chip bed with King Stropharia
- a cupboard full of jams and chutneys and never enough home dried fruit leather
- demijohns of fermenting cider, mixed fruit wines & a bit of gooseberry wine left
- an evolving design to quit supermarkets whilst also reducing plastic packaging, we managed to avoid supermarkets for 4 months in 2020
- a woodpile with not enough hardwood for next year yet but plenty of kindling from fruit tree prunings...
- guerilla tree planting project at a local park and verges.
- a recreation ground (pocket park) behind our house, where we're sowing wildflowers with neighbours and I'm planting apple trees in the hedge and among the bramble patch
- a co-operative nursery business with 2 friends, growing 2000 plants at 3 sites


I'm interested in supporting more food projects in the East Midlands, please get in touch if I can help.

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