Alice - Main Profile

I am an active permaculture teacher and practitioner currently leading an itinerant existence between projects in the Middle East and Western Europe.

I spent eight years, from 2006-2014, living in the West Bank and working on projects there and in the Israeli Negev. A lot of my work focused on using permaculture as a land-based resistance strategy for communities facing displacement, and to strengthen community resilience in the face of occupation and colonisation.

I helped found Bustan Qaraaqa permaculture farm in 2008, and coordinated our community projects for 4 years. On leaving, I built on this experience to promote grassroots environmental action, and became a coordinator of GREAN Palestine (Grass Roots Environmental Action Network, Palestine).

I was the coordinating permaculture teacher in the PermaNegev program of Reinventing Roots from 2012-2013, working in a Bedouin village teaching PDCs and developing a demonstration site.

Since 2013, I have been helping to develop and small commercial organic farm in Wadi Rum, designing the agroforestry and agro-ecology components of the system, alongside my colleagues at; a sustainable farming consultancy company of which I am a co-director. Other projects I have undertaken with Byspokes include setting up household gardens in the Negev in cooperation with Sidreh and running PDC courses and designing a permaculture research program with MA'AN Development Centre.

In 2015 I became a member of Tyddyn Teg Workers' Co-op in Snowdonia, Wales: an organic farm and Community Supported Agriculture project. This is now my main base of operations, and my first experience as a commercial grower. We are using permaculture design to develop our project from both land-based and invisible sector perspectives; participating in local, regional and international permaculture networks to be part of the growing movement for a better world.

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