George Christofis - Main Profile

Circle Permaculture forms partnerships with organisations where earth and people come first, and act as catalysts for ecological education.

Their niche is the communication of the design philosophy of permaculture, and the facilitation of courses that change peoples lives. Their function is simply to connect people who put permaculture into practice with others who want to learn how to care for earth, care for people and be economically profitable.

Circle Permaculture operates in multiple countries, climates and landscapes.

About George Christofis - lead-facilitator:
What attracted George to permaculture was it's proactive approach to problem solving, and in the years since he was first handed a photocopied chapter of Bill Mollison's Permaculture, A Designer's Manual, he has attended, taught and/ or facilitated several permaculture courses in Europe and Asia. In 2013, he attended a permaculture teacher training with Rosemary Morrow. As a teacher, he exudes huge enthusiasm for everything permie related, and loves nothing more than sharing the practice of 'protracted and thoughtful observation'.
He is the co-founder of an ongoing permaculture project in partnership with the children's charity Odanadi in Mysore, India, supporting survivors of human trafficking.
As a teacher, George has seen graduates of PDC's go on to do some pretty fantastic things, caring for the earth, other people and hopefully improving their own lives in the process too. The alternative, tried and tested permaculture approach to education works brilliantly, and he loves being a part of it.