Karen Noon - Main Profile

My name is Karen and I am based in Northern France (Brittany) since 2016. We are setting up our property as Permaculture demonstration and education site.
Are goal is to create a polyincome scalable farm, and we welcome people from all walks of life interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle to vist, learn and share.
We run Introductions to Permaculture, Biochar and Charcoal course, Introduction to Gardening and Introduction to smallholding course throughout the year.

I am a Permaculture designer and educator, and have an interest in regenerative landscape design, climate appropriate planting, perennial food orchards, holistic management as well as social aspects of Permaculture.
So far I have worked on eco-education projects, corporate garden designs, community gardens, recycling projects as well as home scale garden designs in the Middle East, UK and France.

I would be interested in opportunities to mentor, as well as to work and collaborate on projects in the UK and Europe.

Current: Studying for MSc in Integrative Eco-social Design with Gaia University
Diploma in Applied Permaculture
Permaculture Teacher training
Permaculture Design Course with Aranya
RegenAG courses with Darren Doherty
Holistic Management with Kirk Gadzia
Small Scale Mushroom Production with Gourmet Mushroom Academy
Certified Prince 2 Project Manager

Telephone number: