Samantha Woods - Main Profile

Permaculture teacher and Think Like a Tree facilitator based in Leicester, UK.
Course leader, Samantha Woods, has spent over 35 years exploring different ways that organisations and individuals can live simple and fulfilling lives, without damaging themselves or the more-than- human world.
Sam has been an active member of the Transition Town Movement since 2008 and as part of Transition Leicester was involved in the creation of a number of community enterprises. She qualified as Permaculture Teacher in 2013 and as a Think Like a Tree Facilitator in 2019.
Progressing from an early career in which she tried to influence large corporations to be less environmentally damaging, Sam has focused increasingly on empowering action by individuals and grassroots organisations. Seed of the Forest is the culmination of her commitment to the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares in her own life. She considers it a privilege to be working with son, Reuben, and alongside other dedicated teachers and facilitators as we all head into the next stage of the Great Turning, and take up the challenge of co-creating a world founded on justice and harmony.

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