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Building A Dream House With Permaculture

Building a dream house is a fascinating and continuing journey into unknown, my personal journey started the day when I set up the company AEDI Concept in 2016. (Architecture - Elegance - Design - Innovation)
The dream was and still is to create something amazing that would bush me to the limits of my ability and help others to achieve their own dream home with Permaculture.
What I needed was an adventure to unknown and energy to go with it.
I have self-built three homes (two in UK and one in Finland).
My next move was to create a place to live memorable experiences through the language of architecture. Living spaces become fluid and versatile environments connected to the elements. Introduced as simplicity, elegance bringing balance in the house, while design intuition joins continuous innovation to develop a totally new living experience. The house that senses works in harmony with the energy of the five elements, and all of the space is available for living: it is about how you feel to live.
This in my mind I started searching my next project this time in Italy I travelled from Lombardy North of Italy to Marche and from Tuscany to Liguria looking for this ideal piece of building land. I stumbled onto a land in this beautiful southern part of the Lago Maggiore, Italy.
In 2019, I imagined the chiostro as a garden to live among the five elements, the core of the house, a space to reconnect with nature and the cosmos.
The chiostro, known as cloister in English, originally appeared as the spatial but also spiritual core of the roman domus – the atrium. Medieval religious architecture later transformed it into a garden enclosed by a covered passageway, turning it into a space for contemplation and seclusion.
Something was still missing in this project to link the project pieces together until someone mentioned about Permaculture I was fascinated on thought of taking a design approach based on connecting the architecture and self-building home applying to our own creations and producing the own food in our urban garden combining the sustainable ways of saving energy and water that works in natural ecosystems.

Learning by doing Permaculture is the way we can reinvest a portion of our design ideas and experiences to support others, keep our feet firmly on ground and being in tune with meeting human needs while preserving our health ecologically and socially.

The progress of the project can be followed on Self-Sufficient Gardening & Houses & Living https://www.facebook.com/groups/566758288019868
Also on AEDI Concept website https://www.aediconcept.com
Instagram: aediconcept

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