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We are at the very beginning stages of designing our project which is an area for a small food growing group on our Greener Camping Club campsite. We have plans for an edible forest garden, small scale and sustainable beekeeping.

We are the stage of deciding what we are as a group, naming ourselves, defining our mission and visions, hopes and worries!! So far it is clear that overwhelmingly we want to be together, and that the social aspect of this is really going to sustain the project. I guess this is heightened now since the isolation we have all been dealing with.
We are in Gweek, West Cornwall UK which is at the head of the Helford river, very tidal, and very beautiful. Cornwall has been said to have a sub tropical climate, as it averages over 10 degrees for 7 months of the year! However, it gets an awful lot of rain too.

@gweekcampsite where I will hopefully get to documenting our progress

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