Hylda's House - Main Profile

Certified Permaculture Designer
Certified PGCE Teacher: Goldsmiths Design and Technology
BA Hons Design Innovation
Altar of Woman Apprentice
Creative Climate Leadership Alumni

My work focuses on practical permaculture applied to wellbeing, strengthening our relationship with nature as resource and rebellion, as well as vegan permaculture design for closed loop creative systems and gardens.I use the principles as individual opportunities to asses & design ones engagements, boundaries and expectations to better support authentic living.

As a queer permaculture designer and artist, queer ecology and mental health form a baseline, complimented and in synchronicity with the permaculture ethics and principles. The intersectionality of permaculture, LGBTQIA+ rights, separatism & oppression in all forms is a place where I learn, share and am oftentimes both inspired, strengthened and overwhelmed, but this is where the work can be the strongest.

Feel free to take a look at https://www.hyldas.com/ for more details!

Nature and the elements inform all of my work. I have been seeking connection with Nature, Astrology and Mythology since childhood, I am always evolving in my studies of these subjects and how we can reconnect to ourselves, as nature, and find our way to living in total authenticity.

My practice is within the areas of nature as connection, myth, remembering and ritual, as well as teaching a permaculture course, workshops and 1:1 coaching.

I believe that the principles can bring us closer to our self expression, and allow archaic systems to fade away and give rise to deep connection, equality and compassion.

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