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Hi! I'm Leon (AKA Lee) a professional gardener working in southern Sweden out of Malmö.

I started a small market garden project with a Swedish friend on land that he owns, using permaculture design in its set-up (my PDC project). It's a challenging site (a seasonal bog) that may not be very practical in the long term but we hope to learn valuable lessons that may in the future help with growing in wetter conditions resulting from climate change.

I have a business website that will feature a blog on our progress so far. As I get most of my business from referrals/recommendations, my website is more personal than commercial and I do not use Google analytics etc to monitor visitors.

My Swedish is not fluent so I have not joined the Swedish permaculture community yet (apparently quite established here). Do get in touch if you are based in Sweden or if our project generates an interest.

Telephone number: