TJG1310 - Main Profile

I started my career in Nursing and have worked in support roles-always people orientated.
My current role is in Funeral care, in this role I helped facilitate a community fridge , this really inspired me as I feel strongly about feeding communities.
As I am now moving from Sussex back to Lancashire which is where I am from, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start learning about permaculture.
I love forest and woods and eco living and growing your own food, so I will be looking into the certificate an introduction to permaculture and hopefully find some work that will compliment my studies with a view to completing the diploma.
I practice Reiki and a little shamanism when I have time and would like to encompass that into also growing a medicinal garden and would like more information on labrinths and their benefits in this settinf.

I want to be outside and creative as well as continuing to help others where I can.

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