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Om Namah Shivaya. I learned about permaculture from a permaculture design course at Brombachtal in 2012. It is one of the bases of Amma's environmental initiative GreenFriends, which was launched internationally in 2003. Amma teaches us that there is no separation between each of us and Nature; we are Nature.

She writes: "It is the duty of human beings to protect all living creatures, seeing Nature as our mother and other creatures as our brothers and sisters." "If we consider Nature as a tree, we can say that its roots, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits are all its creatures. The tree will be complete only if all these come together. If one of these parts is destroyed, very soon all the other parts will also be destroyed. It is high time that this awareness rises in us."

In my area there are very few practising permaculturists, and some I have met who see permaculture as a means of exploitation. My hope is to find people who can help, and also to bring ordinary people who are interested in environmental issues into contact with Amma's teachings.

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