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I am a retired child and adolescent psychiatrist much influenced by R D Laing, in a critical and sceptical approach to psychiatry and psychotherapy. The critical approach also took me into first organic gardening as a hobby, and trying to live and eat in keeping with this, and since retiring, into permaculture. I did a permaculture design course in London and for a while was part of the London Permablitz group helping people create permaculture inspired gardens and allotments.
However my wife's family, in Sevilla, Spain, have a piece of neglected land to the east of Sevilla. We are now doing a permaculture project on the land, planting parts of it with autochthonous or 'native' trees, and working towards more commercial cultivation of almonds, figs and carobs, as well as trying to grow moringa, and smaller areas for vegetables and other fruit. There are also old olive trees on part of the land of an old variety good for olive oil. we have linked up with other organic growers and the local ecological activists, as well as with others who can tell us something of the realities of growing crops in this quite harsh Mediterranean climate, albeit from a more conventional viewpoint.
I am also very much taken up with the changes, personal, social and political we need to make to ameliorate climate heating, help biodiversity, and along with that work towards environmental justice in the understanding the relative privilege of the global north is due to historical and current exploitation of the global south and indigenous peoples.

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