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Been on my own permaculture journey for close on a year but only completed my PDC in February 2021. In flux between Scotland where we have lived for the past five years since we are imminently moving to Galway - COVID depending.

I find the holistic nature of permaculture fascinating and hope to apply to helping others become food independent with a specific focus on those of us that do not have access to land. On an ongoing basis we have been improving our own lifestyle at home to incorporate as much of what I learn on a small scale first, try to find the intimate understanding that helps me explain it to others. Small and slow has proved itself to be really useful.

I have always been information curious and it feels like there is not enough hours in the day to soak up knowledge and being locked up has certainly helped provide more time for learning however I am really eager to learn more hands on skills and hope that as soon as our move is completed I will be able to volunteer my services to a community garden project.

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