MicheClaes - Main Profile


I'm relatively new in permaculture but I really love it!
I did my University degree in Biology/Ecology at the KULeuven in Belgium! Lovely! From then on I worked as a researcher on an apple and pear disease (Erwinia Amylovora) that became more and more an issue due to climate change! After this I travelled a whole year in Australia where I worked on different farms! And there I learned for the first time about permaculture! I loved it so much that I did my PDC in Noosa, Queensland. That was in august 2018.
Recently I started with my Diploma, looking forward to that!

I'm very ambitious about permaculture! I stand open to join a lot of different projects! I still love doing research! So I just want to say, don't hesitate to contact me if you want to start a project, no matter where it is in the world! I love to learn and to teach! That's the reason why I also finished my Post-Graduate in Education option Biology!

Many greets!