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This was the first registered LAND project through ScotLAND. We welcome visitors on open days as specified on the website or by prior arrangement otherwise.

About the project

A thirty year old forest garden (the longest standing intentional food forest garden in Britain according to Permaculture Magazine) fully equipped as a teaching space with major improvements to our household in terms of energy efficiency. Last year (2018) we have grown over a tonne of food in a fifth of an acre (800 sq metres or .08 of a hectare). Peak yield has been 1.25 metric tonnes of food. This is a yield rate pro-rata of 16 tonnes a hectare, twice what even the best chemical farmers produce here. For the last many years we have also produced our own firewood and half our electricity, and operated a working plant and tree nursery in the same space. We are now changing that arrangement as we are getting older, but the garden is still highly productive. We continue to teach courses here and off site. Our main expertise and interest are Permaculture Design (introductory, full design course, and advanced), Forest Gardening, Food Preservation and Permaculture Training of Teachers.

Project Dates
Project start date: 
July, 1990
Project Detailed Information
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Earth Care
People Care
Fair Shares
Design Principles
Built Environment
Energy conservation and efficiency
Passive Solar
Settlement types and design
Low impact development
Sustainable building and construction
Building retrofit
Construction materials and processes
Water in the built environment
Water in the home and garden
Culture & Education
Adult education
Community learning
Participatory arts and music
Celebrations and events
Learning and thinking skills
Action Research
Reading Landscape
Spirit of Place
Passing on knowledge
Finance & Economics
Sustainable livelihoods
Business types
Fair trade
Trading skills
New economics
Green economics
Health & Wellbeing
Diet & Nutrition
Preserving and storing food
Physical well being
Cycle of life
Dying with Dignity
Vision and purpose
Rest, play and sleep
Land & Nature Stewardship
Community growing and urban agriculture
Forest Gardening
Gleaning & Wild harvesting
Gardening techniques
Seed Saving
Landscape types
Strategies for arid landscapes
Nature conservation and management
Regeneration and succession
Seas and oceans
Trees, woodland, forestry
UK habitats
Domestic energy systems
Recycling and waste processing
Reducing consumption
Renewable Energy
Solar power
Reuse & recycling
Transport and mobility
Bicycles and rickshaws
Buses, trams and trains
Permaculture Details: 
As the first diploma holder in the UK (1990) we have thirty years expereince of inegrating Permaculture Design in every aspect of our lives. We have still ways to go and are still learning. Right now our main interest is in sharing what we know with those coming after.
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Graham Bell
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01890 88 2448
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