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Wishtree is near Black Torrington in North Devon. We are an off grid, 5 acre food forest project, consisting of culm grassland and a a natural woodland system consisting of a variety of deciduous trees. Our goal is to transform this young woodland into a resilient, abundant, and beautiful ecosystem demonstrating various ways to use forest gardening in small scale growing systems.
Wishtree is home to North Devon Permaculture CIC, a social enterprise

About the project

Wishtree is a residential home and permaculture business. We welcome pre booked visits.

Current systems that we have on site are an emergent food forest and other growing beds demonstrating small scale food forestry. A polytunnel and microfarm. We are working on building a treebog but currently have another small compost toilet. We are in the process of creating a teaching space and putting in a clay oven. We welcome volunteers who are interested in learning about Permaculture and resilient living. We have also planted up a small orchard.

We have gradually worked the land to replace the rush with grass, which is easier to manage and will be eventually replaced with full growing systems.

We are part of the local social prescription as part of supporting people with mental illness.

The project is based in a rural location in Devon among a farming community between Hatherleigh and Holsworthy. We offering camping as part of our social enterprise as well as live on and work with the land. For more information please visit our website northdevonpermaculture.com

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August, 2011
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There are five directors of this project.
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Credit unions
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We are an offgrid project, using one 150 watt solar panel. We use rain water catchment and have a seasonal stream which we intend to harvest water from. We occasionally use mainswater from local residents as our redundancy. Our main activity is growing perennial vegetables and fruit n a food forest based system, using the no dig method. We utilise organic material from onsite to mulch our growing beds. We collect cardboard from local residents to use for sheet mulching. We mainly use hand tools and scythe rather than mow, However we like what Ben Falk has to say about using fossil fuels, "use it it or lose it" and do so when occasionally using a chainsaw and petrol mower. As there are only two of us running the land and business we take care to use this appropriate technology and are aware of how much we use them. Another permaculture designer's methods we follow is Geoff Lawton. We are Mollisonians, liking the idealogy that Bill Mollison brought to permaculture. We also have a deep spiritual connection to Wishtree, regularly walking the land and connecting with her, learning the lessons she is teaching us.
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There are various principles and techniques we use on site. For example we believe in valuing the marginal, the edge by creating lots of hedging around the area. This helps to create wildlife corridors and provides us with fuel and food to forage as well as food for wildlife. We value all the ethics especially the third as we are aware of our usage. We gather wind blown sticks for fuel for our woodburner and kelly kettle. Use and value renewable resources - we use the thinned out trees and stick wood as fuel for our woodburner and to help with creating harder standing for our pathways as they are muddy. We under pin what we do using the prime directive and three ethics and the nine forms of capital. People care, the second ethic, is important to us so when designing any of our elements and systems we look at how they will benefit people, creating a space for meditation, enjoyment and general wellbeing. "Produce no waste" is echoed in the things we do. Our greenhouses were donated to us as was one of our sheds. We use reclaimed wood and wood cut from the trees on site for our treebog, we also use humanure, collecting our own waste and composting it to use later on. Across the site there are various ways we can show how we are using the principles and ethics. We use small and slow solutions when doing any main tree or hedge laying management, using the natural woodland as part of the additional design rather than removing it.
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Iain and Wenderlynn Bagnall
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