The team: Who we are and what we do

Dr Chris Warburton Brown is the Permaculture Association's Director of Research. Chris provides strategic planning and oversight, fund raises for new projects, runs the Permaculture Research Digest, coordinates the Permaculture International Research Network, and manages the team. 

Alongside Chris, the research team currently comprises Dr Naomi van der Velden, who leads on the EU funded GROW soil observatory project, and four volunteers; Rhiannon Leach produces summaries of permaculture related knowledge for teachers and practitioners and looks after the National Permaculture Library, Tomas Remiarz advises on all matters related to forest gardens, Tania Walisch runs the International Forest Garden Survey and Cat Richards manages the PIRN facebook page. We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to the team!

The Research team's work is guided by a five year Research Strategy (2014-2018), which shows how their work contributes to the wider aims of the Association and the permaculture community.

Research Strategy

Research Strategy 2014 - 2018