Projects and LAND Network

Livestock is a Physical Element/Feature at -

Adrian's Croft
An Eco Croft at Achnacree nourishing soil and soul. Ecosystem Restoration & Permaculture Design.
Ecodiy Eco DIY ecohouse
Permaculture Land Center
Hideaway Under the Stars
An evolving permaculture garden and food forest set in a wee slice of Scottish paradise in Speyside.
Incredible Farm
Mixed permaculture farm
Cardoons flowering in our permaculture garden with the Zip-wire in the background
Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning
An outdoor learning centre and working farm near London
Early days at the farm enjoying home made strawberry ice cream
Oxford City Farm
Urban greenspace and permaculture inspired growing
Ragmans Lane Farm
Mixed permaculture farm
Tap o' Noth Permaculture
CSA Market Garden & Food Forest Farm
Inkpot cows and sheep
The Inkpot Organic Farm
Organic permaculture farm
Tombreck Farm
Permaculture hill farm in Scotland