Everything gardens (or modifies its environment)

The example of a bird; it may collect small sticks, twigs, mosses and grass to construct a nest. It may eat insects and grubs, it may also eat berries and digest the fleshy fruit and excrete the seed. It drops feathers, gives off heat, it sings, it perches in trees on branches, it may scratch or peck at wood or the ground. It lays eggs and raises offspring.

All these have an effect on the greater environment; in a gardening sense - moving biomass, tidying the forest floor, it amasses biomass, it removes pests from plants and turns them into nitrogen fertiliser, it collects seeds and distributes them, it contributes biomass to the system, it converts energy from one form to another to create soil fertility, it reduces and contributes to decomposition, it contributes to the chorus of nature, it contributes to weathering and the breakdown of materials while at the same time nurturing favourable conditions for subsequent generations.

Photo: Blackbird - it must be nest building season, Airwolfhound.

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