Wild food foraging

Axel Minet Shared under CC BY 2.0 UK

Foraging commonly refers to the act of gathering or harvesting wild foods.

A revival in raiding 'nature's larder' has led to an increased interest in the health and holistic benefits of harvesting locally sourced wildfoods such as: dandelions, nettles, hawthorn, berries, nuts, mallow, wild garlic, seaweed and mushrooms. Foraging gets us out into the countryside and woodland areas; cultivating an intimate appreciation and reconnection with nature.

Before heading out into the wilderness sensible precautions should be heeded when picking unfamiliar plants and mushrooms. Get expert advice from experienced foragers, and before you head out into the wilderness, remember to check whether the land you are foraging on is protected, and/or privately owned. Always get permission if it isn't and never overharvest - birds and animals depend on a variety of foods for their survival.