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Westfield Farm Forest Garden is a sustainable, permaculture forest garden project for anyone with an interest in forest gardens and the growing of local, natural and hedgerow food.

About the project
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We started in December 2009 with a 0.36 hectare field. It had been used as grazing for sheep for many years and once we had cleared the field of fencing and posts we started designing the layout of pathways and created a five year plan for planting. Because of our exposed situation, the first task was to plant shelter belt around all four sides of the field. We used willow on the west and south sides and edible native hedging on the north and east sides.

The overall aims of our project are:-

  • To produce and distribute fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs and seeds to friends, family and local markets
  • To offer educational opportunities locally such as:-
  • an introduction to the principles of permaculture
  • sustainable art and craft activities
  • animal/bird husbandry
  • garden wildlife conservation/observation
  • sustainable construction e.g. straw bale building
  • designing and constructing a Forest Garden
  • preparation and preservation of home grown produce


We have now applied, and been accepted, for organic status from the Soil Association and have two years “in conversion”.

Wednesday, 18 January, 2012
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Bryony Huntley
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01275 332755
Project Dates
December, 2009
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