Vallis Veg

LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

Small mixed permaculture farm, producing food and other farm product for local use.

Vallis Veg aims to produce food & other farm products for local use, while minimising fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, promoting wild & cultivated biodiversity and adopting a ‘right livelihood’ approach which supports flourishing communities.
To date the project includes the following elements: a local vegetable box scheme with around 60 customers (some produce is bought in from other local growers); fruit and nut orchards; newly planted coppice woodland; livestock integrated with the larger design; water management; community allotments; permaculture & practical teaching

Member Project known date: 
Wednesday, 18 January, 2012
Number of people text: 
Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: approx. 20. Group visit scheme; yes.
Diverse, multi-dimensional, integrated whole farm design, focusing on commercial and non-commercial outputs for minimal non-renewable inputs, preservation of biodiversity, and emphasising right livelihood and local community development.
Project start date: 
November, 2007
Egford Frome
Somerset, Somerset BA11 3JQ
United Kingdom
Somerset GB