Tin Bath House

LAND Region: 
EnglandSouth West
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

A one acre domestic plot with food growing and wildflower meadow, on a steep Cotswold slope.

A one acre domestic plot, showing food growing and wildlife care. A vegetable garden with no-dig raised beds on very poor stony soil. Soil building techiniques including composting, green manures and dynamic accumulators - all the fertility needed for growing food is harvested on site. A forest garden, with many different plants e.g. cobnuts, ugni, gogi, asian pear, cornelian cherry, elder, currants and herbs. A large original wildflower meadow which is undisturbed Cotswold limestone grassland, a relic habitat, now scarce. All managed for wildlife, which features native orchids, butterflies in abundance, rare crickets, rare bats, badgers, grass snakes, flowers and plants of the local flora. Among this you will see things we have added - an edible hedgerow, willow for basket making, trees for coppicing and fuel. All these elements are looked after and managed as an integrated Permaculture system. Set on a steep Cotswold slope with stunning views - these are many steps on the site.

Contact Name: 
Helen Pitel
Telephone number: 
07795 404362
Church Gate, The Plain, Whiteshill
Stroud GL6 6AB
United Kingdom