Pudsey Land Share Enterprises (Efforts) PuLSE

LAND Region: 
EnglandYorkshire & The Humber
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre
urban permaculture, home scale, supporting community food growing though living examples and activities involving education, food and fun

We are a small group of activists interested in local food production and sustainably living. Our land based project includes 2 urban households, with gardens and an allotment.
Household 1: Full time working couple retrofitted house, storage development, garden: growing food, building cob ovens, making soap, jam and wine, building community by growing food in a neighbours garden. Transport – bikes and car share
Household 2: 1 part time worker,a student nurse and 3 children, retrofitted house, storage development; garden growing food (salad and fruit) greenhouses, hen ducks and guinea pigs, next steps: grey water treatment, Transport - cycling and car share
Allotment- providing fruit and vegetables crops half forest garden, half annual production in raised beds with espaliered apples
Community –
Designs for :
1.School allotment
2.Community growing space in 2 local parks, forest garden to be implemented winter 2013
1.Courses (e.g. ecological gardening, wine making and safe cycling) and meetings
2.Seed and seedling swaps
3.Linking with existing community groups and projects
4. Bee coop
5. Food order group

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
Contact details: 
All 3 areas have designs created using OBREDIM and SADMINE process Main principles used: 1.Observe and interact – going through the survey process and ongoing observation of spaces and reiterating designs over time (one home and garden was first designed for in 2001) 2.Multiple function can be seen though out – e.g. greenhouse – lean to, keeping house warmer, spring growing space, winter salads, chick housing, summer dog house, gardening tool storage, water catchment 3.Each important function is supported by many elements – food is grown in gardens and on the allotment and collected from local community spaces, we buy food from local growers and producers 4.Use small and slow solutions – we have started at the back door and developed from there – first homes, then gardens, now allotments and beginning to develop work on community spaces and with community groups, this whole process is taking years. 5.Produce no waste – reducing consumption, composting (including collecting garden waste from neighbours), reusing, this is an ongoing process of learning and developing new systems We can show the use of most principles, and have done in our design work(and various slide shows) – come and see.
Project start date: 
January, 2009
15 Heath Grove
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS28 8HP
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire GB