Prestwich Clough Forest Garden

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EnglandNorth West
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LAND Centre
The forest garden is our main project but incredible edible Prestwich has several growing projects around the area including a 30' polytunel.
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Culture & EducationChildhood education
Culture & EducationCommunity learningCelebrations and events
Culture & EducationLearning and thinking skills
Culture & EducationLearning and thinking skillsReading Landscape
Culture & EducationPassing on knowledge
Culture & EducationPassing on knowledgeTeaching
Health & WellbeingCycle of lifeVision and purpose
Health & WellbeingDiet & NutritionPhysical well being
Health & WellbeingDiet & NutritionPreserving and storing food
Land & Nature Stewardship
Land & Nature StewardshipBiodiversity
Land & Nature StewardshipEcology
Land & Nature StewardshipForest Gardening
Land & Nature StewardshipGardening techniques
Land & Nature StewardshipPlants
Land & Nature StewardshipSeed Saving
Land & Nature StewardshipSoil
Land & Nature StewardshipTrees, woodland, forestry
Land & Nature StewardshipUK habitats
Land & Nature StewardshipWater in the landscape
Permaculture ethics, principles, design
A community forest garden within a 2 acre woodland which is part of Incredible Edible Prestwich and District.It is run on Permaculture principles and practices. Awarded "Land Centre" status November 2015

The idea for a forest garden here evolved in 2011 after the local council granted us permission to use the area for an Incredible edible site. It was used by myself and my wife, Debbie for our PDC design at the end of our course in February 2012, after which we started work in March of that year. The 2 acre plot was partly wooded with an open area to the west which was mainly brambles. This is the area we created our forest garden with an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers and several years on the plot is developing into a beautiful garden with hundreds of edible trees, shrubs plants and ground cover planted, mostly donated by ourselves. We have had 2 successful open days with 200 and 300+ people coming along from the local community. We meet once a month on Sundays with extra evening sessions during the busy growing season.

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We have a core volunteer group of about 6 people with occasional visitors and volunteers and have had up to 20 volunteers at our regular sessions.
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Mike Pope
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We use permaculture principles across our projects including organic growing methods, local ethically sourced materials, sharing of the produce to anyone who needs it (including the local food bank), and an inclusive membership.
Project start date: 
September, 2011
Clough Lane
Prestwich, Lancashire M25 3JD
United Kingdom
Lancashire GB