Park Road

LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

Suburban garden farm with Bees, ducks, chickens, mini orchard, raised beds, heugle beds, “Gypsy Hens business”, wood stove, in a garden the size of a tennis court.

We are a family of four who want to be 3% + self sufficient from our garden with as much joy as possible. We designed it ourselves. Our garden is not an ‘example’ of how to do permaculture. Its an expression of how permaculture helped us get what we want from a garden in a more sustainable integrated way: Bees on kitchen roof (top bar + Smiths), ducks, chickens, ferrets, mini orchard, raised beds, Square foot gardening, heugle beds, portable raised beds, growing tables, coop rental business, wood stove, wood store- in a garden the size of a tennis court. This is part of my diploma in Permaculture design with a focus on suburban gardens. A key element is integrating and building local community.

2 Park Road Bonnyrigg
Midlothian EH19 2AW
United Kingdom
Midlothian GB