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A PC demo lifestyle and debt free self sustaining business.

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Ourganics is a PC demo lifestyle and debt free self sustaining business. The project and my life revolve around the three ethics people care, earth care, fair share. I've built a timber 'shed' to live in. I'm off the grid for water and electricity – wind and sun give us all the energy we need. I have a compost toilet, reed bed system and solar hot water in the Summer. I'm a venue for PC courses and grow produce to sell to the local community.

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Large and different examples of raised/no dig till systems – extremely diverse ecosystems – multiple functions wherever possible - use of waste i.e. compost loos etc.
Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: 15 - 30.
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Patricia Bowcock
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01308 482455
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June, 1999
Litton Lane Litton Cheney
Bridport, Dorset DT2 9DH
United Kingdom
Dorset GB