Oak House Permaculture Project

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EnglandWest Midlands
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LAND Learner

Oak House is in the early stages, but is reclaiming degraded and compacted soil using a range of permaculture techniques. Improved areas are being converted into a productive annual/perennial vegetable garden, forest garden, coppice and multifunctional recreational areas.

We're converting a concrete covered farmyard into a permaculture garden.

We've been working at improving some very poor and compacted soil across the site (from beneath the concrete), using carefully selected green manures and self seeded native plants, along with rolling compost heaps on the worst areas. Our efforts are being focused on what is to become our forest garden area. This will include fruit trees, fruit bushes and medicinal and edible plants and shrubs.

We created organic veggie beds (both annual and perennial), run on a no-dig system. We have installed a well in the middle of the vegetable garden, topped up by rainwater from our roof, which means all our watering needs can be met with on site water.

We garden with wildlife in mind and are creating wildlife corridors across the site using native hedging. We have begun planting out a coppice/wildlife zonel, which will provide a haven for wildlife during most of the year, and in winter time will be partially cut back each year to provide us with poles and wood products to use around the garden or on the fire.

In recreational areas of the garden, flower beds and borders are planted mainly with a mixture of native plants and forage plants. The aim is to create beautiful, family friendly spaces that are also beneficial for both wildlife and our dinner plates! Lawn areas are planted with a mixture of grasses, along with clover, yarrow, birdsfoot trefoil and other low growing flowering plants, providing habitat and forage for bees and butterflies as well as providing play space for the kids.

Future plans include chickens, ponds, many more trees, shrubs and useful plants, a sauna, earth oven and space for campers and volunteers to enjoy coming to visit.

My blog is kept relatively updated on where things have got to, so take a look if you'd like more info. Or get in touch!

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
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07970 563 107
Oak House, The Lea Lea Cross
Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY5 8HY
United Kingdom
Shropshire GB