Kintyre Bioregional

LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

Working across Kintyre to co-­‐create a green, flourishing local economy.

I am gradually implementing and maintaining my permaculture design for a rural bioregion. I have
been working on this design for many years. Two
projects I have been helping steer since 2009 have
started to see the implementation of Kintyre Bioregional: Big Green Tarbert and Local Produce.
The design is a framework working on four levels:
neighbourhood, community, bioregion and administrative region (Argyll and Bute Council area). As with Transition groups, it focusses
on a number of themes: food, energy, transport
and culture. The themes I have been most active on
are food and energy.
As a “scaled up” project it has links with Argyll
Permaculture and Transition Helensburgh. Ron
Mara, our family home in the middle of the Kintyre
peninsular,is the hub for the project. I am currently implementing the design for the garden.
Visitors will be able to look round the garden
(part of the Local Produce project), learn about
its design and also how it fits in with Kintyre Bioregional. Kintyre Bioregional will also be explained in detail. They will also be able
to visit other participating sites.

Ron Mara North Beachmore, Muasdale,
Argyll and Bute PA29 6XD
United Kingdom
Argyll and Bute GB