Kinloch Permaculture

LAND Region: 
ScotlandStrathclyde inc. Islay and Jura
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Learner
Areas of Activity: 
Health & Wellbeing
Health & WellbeingDiet & Nutrition
Health & WellbeingDiet & NutritionPhysical well being
Health & WellbeingDiet & NutritionPreserving and storing food
Land & Nature StewardshipBiodiversity
Land & Nature StewardshipClimate
Land & Nature StewardshipComposting
Land & Nature StewardshipEcology
Land & Nature StewardshipGardening techniques
Land & Nature StewardshipGleaning & Wild harvesting
Land & Nature StewardshipPlants
Land & Nature StewardshipRegeneration and succession
Land & Nature StewardshipSeas and oceans
Land & Nature StewardshipSoil
Land Tenure & Community Governance
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceBioregions
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceCommunity Development
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceGovernance
Tools & TechnologyAppropriate technology
Tools & TechnologyRecycling and waste processing
Tools & TechnologyReducing consumption
Tools & TechnologyReuse & recycling
Tools & TechnologyTransport and mobility
Tools & TechnologyTransport and mobilityBicycles and rickshaws
Tools & TechnologyTransport and mobilityBuses, trams and trains
Tools & TechnologyTransport and mobilityWalking

Small urban family project using garden, paved space and allotment.

Project includes small forest garden and allotment. Space in dvelopment for food storage, preparation and cooking, as well as permaculture display and resource library and workshop to demonstrate aspects of low-carbon, sustainable living. Outdoor areas demonstrate a domestic-scale garden of useful plants using permaculture design methods in an urban setting.

Contact Name: 
Judy Martin
Telephone number: 
Project start date: 
September, 2013
13 Saddell Street
Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute PA28 6DN
United Kingdom
Argyll and Bute GB