Horton Community Farm

LAND Region: 
EnglandYorkshire & The Humber
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre
Areas of Activity: 
Culture & EducationAdult education
Culture & EducationChildhood education
Culture & EducationChildhood educationEarly years learning
Health & WellbeingDiet & NutritionPhysical well being
Land & Nature Stewardship
Land & Nature StewardshipBiodiversity
Land & Nature StewardshipCommunity growing and urban agriculture
Land & Nature StewardshipComposting
Land & Nature StewardshipForest Gardening
Land & Nature StewardshipGleaning & Wild harvesting
Land & Nature StewardshipLinking farmers and consumers
Land & Nature StewardshipNature conservation and management
Land & Nature StewardshipPlants
Land & Nature StewardshipSeed Saving
Land & Nature StewardshipSoil
Land & Nature StewardshipTrees, woodland, forestry
Land & Nature StewardshipUK habitats
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceCommunity Development
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceGroup structures and processes
Land Tenure & Community GovernanceGroup structures and processesCo-ops
Permaculture ethics, principles, designPermaculture Ethics

Horton Community Farm is regenerating 2 acres of urban green space, plus the wider allotment site, into a thriving permaculture project.

Horton Community Farm is run by local people and has 5 main strands: local food, nature, environmental education and horticultural therapy. We are established as a cooperative and registered as a limited company. We operate as a social enterprise and any profit we generate is invested back into the project.

Contact Name: 
Charlie Gray
Telephone number: 
+44 7403394142
Project start date: 
September, 2011

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Bee on calendula flower
Cecil Avenue Allotments
Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 3BW
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire GB