Growing with Grace

LAND Region: 
EnglandYorkshire & The Humber
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

Organic horticulture almost entirely under 2 acres of glasshouses, with spectacular mature forest garden under glass, and closed-loop systems at heart of ethos.

We have a spectacular forest garden under glass, which we use as an educational and inspirational area, as well as a food production area, and sell the crops. We grow and sell the following from this area: grapes, peaches, nectarines, figs, cherries, apricots, hops, and a variety of herbs including thyme, dill, and sage. We also use permaculture principles across the rest of the site where the main food production is done. We heavily promote biodiversity to help us create a balanced system to reduce pest and disease issues. We minimise outside inputs, buying in no outside fertility or growing medium. We reuse and recycle where possible, using growing techniques such as blocking to reduce our reliance on plastics, and promote healthy transplants.

Set up as a Quaker business and workers co-op so we have always shared many of the principles of permaculture, with care of the earth and care of people being at the heart of our business. Recently we have become a Community Co-op, but our principles have remained at the heart of our business. Several of the directors have since been on permaculture design courses, and have been inspired by the ideas of permaculture design. Making money and running a business based on growing food organically is a challenge, and the permaculture principles have helped us to make the most out of our business in challenging times. We have tried to design our business to be as much of a closed loop system as possible. Whether it is our veg delivery van picking up waste veg oil for us to convert to biodiesel to run the van and other machinery, or delivering veg to customers who send their garden greenwaste to the farm to make compost to grow the veg with, or the fact that we generate all our own fertility and growing mediums on site. We are interested in applying permaculture principles to the whole business as we are in a period of exciting change and a process of redesigning how we run, and what we do.
Project start date: 
July, 2000
Forest Garden at Growing with Grace
Clapham Nurseries Clapham
Lancaster, North Yorkshire LA2 8ER
United Kingdom
North Yorkshire GB