Green Island Preserve and Retreat

A 60 acre, private, reforested, green space enclosed entirely within a small city in rural Minnesota. Surrounded by commercial and residential development it hovers as if an island of green within a flood of greying sprawl.

The Green Island purpose is to preserve and diversify 60 acres of farmland enclosed within the city limits of Wadena, Minnesota. A unique variety of trees are being planted to mitigate future vegetation shifts and changes due to global warming, while providing expanded wildlife habitat opportunities and a food reserve for humans as well. Retreat and meditation facilities are being developed in order to help foster an eco-spiritual turn in consciousness. Water consciousness and water conservation are a major focus of Green Island which rests upon a massive sea of sweet, shallow, but threatened, ground water. The first artist-made, guest caravan will be completed in the Summer of 2008. Carbon credits were derived from a portion of the property in December of 2007.

Contact Name: 
Kent Scheer
Telephone number: 
1 218 631 3084
Wadena, Minnesota
United States
Minnesota US