Glengall Wharf Garden

LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

We've transformed a wild and neglected urban site into a productive, inspiring and social hub of growing and learning. Based in Peckham we're on the edge of city and park and welcome everybody.

We've transformed an old wharf on a defunct canal in the centre of London. A large site, we had no soil as everywhere is cobbled with the footprints of old buildings along with large mounds of rubble. We've reclaimed the space to grow food, fruit trees and bushes, wild and culinary herbs, wild flowers and have developed large hugel mounds, a forest garden and areas of ordinary annual growing. We harvest rainwater, reclaim and recycle anything we can get hold of and work with volunteers from the local community.

Initial funding from Big Lottery's Community Spaces grant enabled us to build the garden structure and bring in soil , connect to mains water, build raised beds, install a fence, provide irrigation equipment, signage, polytunnel, plus plants and we will continue to develop the site as our skills and needs develop and change and we get to know our site better.

We are managed by a group of local people and are building up a strong network locally, which will increase with growth of the garden and increase the range of things we can do.

Our challenge is how to run and manage the garden day to day, season to season, but we are working to develop new strategies, develop more partners, increase capacity and ensure our volunteers have the right skills.

We hope to learn through our actions, including our mistakes!

Our aims are roughly as follows;
Work with the local community to increase the understanding of healthy, local and fresh food.
Promote food growing, organic horticulture, permaculture and other ecological issues through skill sharing and volunteering.
Help improve the local green environment in Burgess Park and the surrounding area.
Help regenerate the local community, contribute to sustainable development in London and enhance the life of the park.

Contact us at [email protected]

Contact Name: 
Sue Amos
Project start date: 
June, 2011
garden hugel
64 Glengall Road Peckham
London SE15 6NF
United Kingdom