Foxfield House and Garden

LAND Region: 
EnglandSouth West
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

A family home retrofitted with sustainable energy,chicken and duck forage garden, homebuilt greenhouse with grey-water thermal store,small scale reed bed, large self seeding vegetable polyculture, compost toilet, willow and hazel coppicing for basketry and fuel, and latest trampoline solar hot tub!

Since we moved in 2004, we have been developing a 1970s house, garden and small paddock (totalling nearly 1 acre) into a permaculture site for sustainable food and fuel production, which formed the basis for my diploma in Applied Permaculture Design completed in 2013. We have made a greenhouse out of our old windows, use the heat from our shower water to keep it frost free and recycle the water through a homemade reed bed. We keep chickens and ducks in a developing forest forage garden integrated with small scale willow coppicing and grow our own vegetables in a no-dig self seeding polyculture. We make our own cider as part of a community cider circle, cook and heat water with a woodburning range cooker integrated with solar thermal and have more than halved our house C02 production. We capture rainwater from all roofs and can store up to 3000 litres and our latest project is a trampoline recycled into a solar hot tub come rainwater store!

Contact Name: 
Alison Ensor
Telephone number: 
01242 621152
Project start date: 
May, 2004
Foxfield Self Seeding Vegetable Garden
Foxfield Gretton Fields
Nr Winchombe, Gloucestershire GL54 5HH
United Kingdom
Gloucestershire GB