Forest Farm Peace Garden.

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EnglandEast of England
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LAND Centre

Enhancing the health and wellbeing of the local community through forest gardening, food growing, bee-keeping, composting, crafts and more.

FFPG is a community project working to regenerate an abandoned allotment site in Hainault, North East London. The regeneration involves the creation of an abundant community garden, growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs. There are raised beds, forest gardens, orchards, wildflower meadows, wildlife ponds, living structures and conservation areas. There is also a thriving apiary, a functioning wind-turbine, a compost toilet system, a community compost scheme, polytunnels, individual allotments, a bodging site and a classroom/kitchen.
As regeneration work continues so the project is slowly bringing together many opportunities for people to learn and share new skills. We run workshops and classes on a variety of themes and hold open days to promote the work we do, with community cohesion and the creation of a supportive and therapeutic environment underpinning and enhancing the activities of the garden.

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Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Group visit scheme: yes.
Firstly the core ethics of Permaculture are written into the constitution of our organisation and influence all of our strategic planning and policy decisions. From the very beginning of the project we have designed our own design process to best adapt to the needs and requirements of every given situation. A cyclical and ongoing process of design ensures that proper observation, evaluation, and monitoring is carried out as the project progresses. With regards to the garden itself great emphasis has been given to the principles at the heart of Permaculture design, for instance using edge effects to maximise yields in the forest garden, ensuring that all elements in the design are multi-functional and efficient in their use of resources, encouraging greater diversity etc.
Project start date: 
September, 2003
C/o RCFMH 98-100 Ilford Lane
Ilford, Essex IG1 2LD
United Kingdom
Essex GB