Finca los Tres Mundos

We are a multi-national couple pursuing ways to improve the human condition, beginning with ourselves and our immediate environment. Our permaculture project, la Finca los Tres Mundos, was founded in June of 2007

This 2 hectare farm is tucked neatly into the hills and includes grassland, forest areas and a spring-fed stream. It is a natural work of art, yet man?s footprint is clearly visible. We invite you to join us in this opportunity to explore the interactions between man and nature, and to imagine viable, sustainable solutions that can benefit all of us. Since the farm is fairly new, at the moment we are working to improve the infrastructure of the property, make contacts and become established in the community. We have no electricity, and supplies must be brought in on foot or by horse/donkey. Turning any dream into a reality is a big project, and nothing happens overnight; but we are confident that with hard work, persistence and a positive attitude, we can achieve our vision and help create a better world

Contact Name: 
Elham Shahidi
Telephone number: 
+521 (228) 143 6690
Mazatepec, Veracruz
Veracruz MX