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LAND Centre

Volunteer-led plant nursery
Training centre
Part of a food hub

EDIBLE LANDSCAPES LONDON is a volunteer-led project which aims to help Londoners grow more of their own food. We propagate edible plants which are then used at local growing projects. We teach people how to recognise plants, which parts are edible, how to propagate them, how they are grown in a forest garden and even how to cook with them. Our workdays (Monday and Friday) are open to anyone who has an interest in growing and eating food. Shared lunch is at 1pm.
Alongside the informal training there are many other training opportunities. From 2012 we started to offer several training days covering topics like plant identification, taxonomy, plant propagation and tool care. People can pay for their training by volunteering with us in advance, with Time Credits, with North London LETS pledges or with regular money. The courses have been very popular, most attendees so far are already fairly knowledgeable or associated with an existing growing project. The teachers have all been volunteers from the project and we are developing a good 'stock' of teachers, lessons plans, confidence and experience. We've also offered training workshops at festivals and at events, for example at the Capital Growth summer networking event. Training is our biggest source of income.
From 2013, and as part of the http://www.manorhousepact.org.uk/ project, we are offering more training and we have money to pay the trainers and the training manager. Between 2013 and 2015 we'll be offering 12 Permaculture Introductory courses, some accredited Plant Propagation Training and a new 20 week course called Creating a Forest Garden. These are all very reasonably priced and are targeted at people who live in the Manor House PACT area.
Also in 2013 we are entering into a new kind of agreement with the site managers, Metropolitan Housing, who are welcoming our input into a flatter site-management structure. This should lead to some additional opportunities that will helpfully lead to the site becoming an exciting Food Hub, which supports many social, commercial and training opportunities.

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Jo Homan
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October, 2010
Green Routes Site Finsbury Park
N4 2NQ
United Kingdom