LAND Region: 
EnglandEast Midlands
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre
To promote the interests and personal development of people who are socially disadvantaged by delivering activities connected with conservation, restoration and enhancement of the environment.

We work on ten adjoining allotments growing a wide range of food. We also offer willow workshops in our straw bale shed. We work with users and ex users of the mental health services, people with learning difficulties and those with an interest in the environment.

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
Number of people text: 
Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: 20. Group visit scheme: yes.
Contact Name: 
Paul Paine
Telephone number: 
07973 116291
Initially Ecoworks was set up to combine people care and earth care, these ethics have always been at the heart of the organisation. We have wanted to enable our volunteers (especially mental health service users) to feel a part of the project and have a say in its site development. This has meant that our design has never been set in stone, adapting to the needs and abilities of our volunteers. We employ several p.c principles on site. We recognise that as we are only there two days a week zoning is important. Our site is a zone two but the area that gets attention needs to expand and contract depending on the number of volunteers we have. As the site is zone two/three we grow a lot of perennials and encourage diversity with hedges and ponds etc and this enables us to guarantee a yield. Fruit is an important element for us so we have a wide range of trees giving us insurance against late frosts, biennialsim etc. We cycle waste eg humanure and compost and try and use renewable resources as much as possible. We are totally off grid so have to heat water on a wood burner. We don‟t have electrical generating capacity as we have worked out that the embodied energy used would be far more than the energy that we need on a day to day basis. As a city project we feel its important to have a wild feel to our site so working with nature is important to us.
Project start date: 
January, 1992
United Kingdom