LAND Region: 
EnglandEast of England
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Centre

Sub-urban family project working towards self-reliance using organic, permaculture principles and low cost DIY construction, using recycled materials.

We are a family of three and a dog living by the sea in the east of England, trying to be as self sufficient as possible without being fanatical about it. We structure our garden on organic, Permaculture principles, storing rainwater and recycling our grey water through a reed bed. Our home uses solar energy and waste wood for space and water heating and cooking and we have a solar electricity generation system. We grow and eat our own vegetables, fruit, eggs and honey. We are creating all of this ourselves (DIY) where possible from recycled materials. We have help from volunteers from the WWOOF and HelpX organisations who stay with us and work on our project. We hope to have volunteers from the Permaculture Association in the future. We are developing trading networks in the local community, as well as salvaging materials and passing them on to others. We have set up Tendring ECO Group, which meets monthly and we continue to forge links with Transition groups and others in the wider area.
We have also acquired a piece of ancient woodland so some of our time is spent managing the wood including coppicing, planting, clearing bracken and creating a small woodland garden.
As we generate more electricity than we use, we have just purchased a second hand electric car.

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
Number of people text: 
ECO DIY can accommodate up to 10 people
Outside design; Using the slope of the land, water flow and direction of the sun and surrounding fences to maximise use of resources and food production, increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat. Inside design to save energy and water. Design integrates the house and inside areas with the growing area. Using resources available locally (mostly recycled) to feed our plants and trees and as building material.
Project start date: 
July, 2006
Clacton eco house
193 Burrs Rd
Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 4LN
United Kingdom
Essex GB