Earthcare Enterprises

Exploration,research and development of plants and animals

EARTHCARE ENTERPRISES is a partnership based in Maleny and at 'Crystal Waters Permaculture Village' in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, south-east Queensland. We are involved in the exploration, research & development of new species of plants & animals with economic potential, as well as, Permaculture design, consultancy & education. Species we are currently propagating and developing include; Bamboos, Water plants - Chinese Waterchestnuts, varieties of Lotus & Arrowhead; Root crops - Taros, Tannias, Yams, Cassava, Arrowroot & Asian spices of the Ginger family ZINGIBERACEAE; miscellaneous fruits, herbs and spices. Many of these species, except for our most recent acquisitions, are sold as plants through the nursery and some are also supplied as fresh foods to restaurants & retailers, notably Water Chestnuts, Lotus - flowers, fruits & roots, & Bamboo shoots.

Contact Name: 
Hans Erken
Telephone number: 
61 7 5499 9599
Earthcare Enterprises
PO Box 500
Maleny, Queensland 4552
Queensland AU