Earth Heart Housing Co-op

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EnglandEast Midlands
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LAND Centre

Earth Heart Housing Co-operative is a housing co-operative in a traditional farmhouse and barns on 20 acres of organic land.

Earth Heart Housing Co-operative is a housing co-operative in traditional listed farmhouse and barns with 20 acres of organic land in Derbyshire. We have 24 residents, including children, as well as ducks, chickens and other animals. The land includes pasture, large trees, woodland, an orchard, gardens and a reedbed sewage system. We use a woodchip boiler for heating and hot water, and buy green electricity. The community uses consensus decision-making via regular meetings, and we also meet on co-op work days and on birthdays and other celebrations. We manage the land for organic grazing for cows and sheep, firewood, vegetables, fruit, herbs and nature conservation. There is a willow labyrinth and dome, and treebogs and outside shower. There are camps during the summer and occasional visits through the year.

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: 30 depending on form of transport up to 100 for a camp including children. Group visit scheme: yes.
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Earth Heart Housing Co-op
Zoning of land use, succession and natural regeneration in fenced-off areas, stacking in forest garden, conservation of unusual food crops, harvesting of wild and tree crops, diversity of habitats and land use, multi-purpose project (heritage conservation, nature conservation, building regeneration, agriculture, gardening, eco-technology, community building, integration of housing and land), soil building, leguminous trees, organic conversion. Our project is also an example of people working together to achieve joint aims, involving decision-making, finance, planning permission, building contracts, leases, legal arrangements, people-care, emotional management, conflict resolution, dealing with neighbours and community.
Project start date: 
November, 1997
Atlow Moat Atlow
Ashbourne, DBY DE6 1NS
United Kingdom